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About Movement Rehabilitation

As exercise physiologists, we study the way your body responds to exercise, physically and chemically. You get access to clinical expertise in the treatment, management and prevention of chronic diseases. Our clinical understanding of what goes on in your body allows us to help all our clients improve their quality of life.


Eligibility may exist for Medicare (EPC/CDM), DVA, Third party insurance claims, private and NDIS. Ask us for more info.

One-on-One Sessions

Your relationship with your Exercise Physiologist is at the heart of any program. Each treatment plan begins with your initial one-on-one consultation.

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Group Classes

Depending on your individual treatment plan, your progress and your overall goals, group classes may form a key part of your programming.

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Personal Training

Unlock hidden performance with deeper knowledge of your body and clinical programming. Regardless of your sport or discipline, we focus on hitting your targets as efficiently as possible.

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Hydrotherapy Classes

Movement Rehabilitation is excited to be offering hydrotherapy demonstrations and exercise programming as part of our treatment plans.

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Conditions we treat

Below are some common conditions we help clients treat with exercise

Metabolic conditions

Sustainable lifestyle changes supported by tailored exercise are essential for the prevention and management of metabolic conditions. 

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Musculoskeletal conditions

Improvements in physical and mental health are achieved through clinical exercises in mobility, function and strength. 

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Neurological exercise therapy

Tailored exercise and sustainable lifestyle changes can reduce symptom severity and improve quality of life. 

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Cardiovascular conditions

Customised exercise programs and a healthy diet are key elements in preventing and managing risk factors.  

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Meet your team...

James Shute

Exercise physiologist and director
@ Leichhardt

Kristy-Lee Anger

Exercise Physiologist @ Randwick, Rozelle and Leichhardt centres

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