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As exercise physiologists we work with you to improve your quality of life through exercise.

We study the way your body responds to movement and help you make the most of these responses to prevent and manage chronic diseases. As one of the Movement Rehabilitation team, you get access to our clinical understanding of what goes on in your body. We coach and educate you on how you can use your body to improve and maintain your health. 

As science continues to prove the benefits of exercise on treating chronic health conditions, we are working on making exercise accessible to people of all fitness levels. We provide everyday people with the knowledge and support to engage in everyday life.

Ageing, Injury and disease all play a part in preventing us from doing the things we love. Whether your goal is to walk the dog without back pain, keep up with the grandkids or compete nationally, you are in safe hands with the team at movement rehabilitation. 

“We believe exercise is medicine”

– Exercise and Sport Science Australia

Our Team Principles


With the right resources, the most challenging journeys are made easier. We will show you the tools and resources which will enable you to succeed in your journey.


With your team by your side you gain an understanding of where you are and where you can be. Our know-how allows us to plan the steps required to get you there.


The best exercise is one that you will do. Your enjoyment is an important part the journey. We create programs that are tailored to our client's individual needs.


Exercise physiologists complete university training along with clinical experience. Exercise physiologists will commonly focus on helping individuals with chronic conditions. They are well positioned to work with individuals who want to take their physical development to the next level. 

A minimum of a 4 year undergraduate degree with 500 of hours clinical placement.

Yes, we work regularly with GPs, often with clients on a Chronic Disease Management plan (CDM) or Team Care Arrangement (TCA) plans.

Yes, we help clients at all health levels. As competitive athletes ourselves, we love helping clients to improve their recreational and professional sporting capacity.

Yes, we can create a tailored treatment plan to help manage injury and recovery downtime. 

Yes, we specialise in pre-surgery preparation and post-surgery recovery. We work to reduce recovery times and pain.  

Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely. We also recommend shoes that are comfortable for walking. A towel and water bottle are also handy to bring. 

Medicare rebates are available for clients who are on a GP referred Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDM). Speak to our team to find out more information. 

Yes, our clients often include individuals who were injured and are relying WorkCover or Workers Compensation.
Yes, we are an accredited NDIS provider and often work with NDIS clients.
Exercise physiology typically falls under the ‘extras cover’ and varies from between insurers and cover types. We recommend checking your health insurance PDS or getting in touch with your provider for information.

No, doctors referrals are not required. We accept clients for varied reasons. If unsure, please get in touch and we can discuss your needs. 

Yes, please bring any medical forms, scan and reports with you to your initial consultation.

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