Personal training

Personal training

A qualified exercise physiologist can be the key to unlocking your hidden potential. We combine your dedication with our clinical approach. You get a better understanding of your body and how to achieve your goals in the most efficient way.

Our clients go through a detailed health and fitness assessment. We look for the positives to build on and opportunities to max-out.

Programming is completely customised to each client. We offer everything from remote assessment and programming to one-on-one sessions. This is performance your way. Get in touch if you:

Our 4 step approach

exercise physiology assessment

Step 1: Assess

You need to know exactly where you are before you start your journey. Our clinical experience provides a deep understanding of your current performance level and where the opportunities exist.

exercise physiology plan

Step 2: Plan

Your assessment forms the foundation of all your programming. Our experience gives you new perspectives on what is achievable and how to get there. 

exercise physiology coach

Step 3: Coach

We involve all clients in the knowledge (or the ‘why’) behind our programming. It’s your journey and you own it. We step in with the know-how to make the journey more efficient. 

exercise physiology monitor

Step 4: Monitor

Your customised roadmap provides all the details. We let you focus on doing the work, while we take care of the tracking and adjusting programming to maximise results. 

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